Do Columbia, SC Personal Injury Attorneys Charge Retainer Fees?

Use Caution If Your Personal Injury Lawyer Charges a Retainer Fee

Most lawyers who handle accident and personal injury cases recognize that the last thing you want to do after being hurt is to pay a retainer fee. Your focus is likely on medical bills, getting back to work or school, and regaining your health. Even if you could afford a retainer fee, that money is better set-aside to pay for other expenses you face. If any attorney in Columbia, SC tries to charge you anything other than a "contingency fee" for your case, you may want to consider speaking with someone else. As I often tell clients, if an injury lawyer believes in your case enough to take it on, they will be willing to accept a fee at the end of the case that is "contingent" upon how much compensation they obtain for you.

In summary, personal injury lawyers generally receive a fee of 33%-40% at the end of the case rather than charging retainer fees or an hourly rate. If you have other questions, or would like to receive a free consultation, call my Columbia, SC office today at 803-790-2800. You can also start a live chat to speak with a team member at any time. 

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