Bad Truck Brakes Can Cause Serious Wrecks Those who operate semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, tankers, and other commercial vehicles have a responsibility to make sure that their vehicles are maintained appropriately for use on public roads. Maintaining an operating braking system is of particular importance for an 18-wheel vehicle that’s capable of pulling 40 tons of cargo at highway speeds.

Brake failure on a fully loaded tractor-trailer can cause a rear-end collision or another type of accident in the blink of an eye, causing terrible damage to any vehicles in the truck’s path, our truck accident lawyer in Myrtle Beach adds.

If you were injured in a big rig crash caused by brake failure, you may be able to hold the trucking company legally and financially responsible for the harm you've experienced. Continue reading to learn about what often causes brake failure and how a Myrtle Beach personal injury attorney handles these accidents. 

Semi-Truck Brake Failure

Braking systems on large trucks are complex and powerful systems that are designed to take repeated punishment under heavy strain, but they do require care and training to maintain and operate correctly. Reasons for the failure for large truck brake systems include:

  • Lack of maintenance. Misaligned brake linings, sticky calipers, contamination by oil, leaky fluid lines, and other mechanical issues can build up fast and lead to a failure under load. Routine inspection and maintenance on a truck is a must, both for safety’s sake and by law.
  • Improper maintenance. A technician or driver who isn’t trained to handle large truck brake systems should not be performing any installation or maintenance. Trained technicians may also be negligent in their duties by not taking the proper steps to fix a problem the right way.
  • Bad driver training. The license to operate a commercial vehicle is supposed to include driver training that includes both road handling and regular maintenance inspections. A driver who negligently or recklessly operates a truck outside of professional standards or fails to inspect or report a brake problem may be held responsible if the brake system fails.

If a commercial truck brake failure causes an accident with your vehicle, it’s important to contact a personal injury attorney with experience handling truck accidents.

The first step often involves sending a letter of spoliation to the trucking company to ensure that evidence isn’t lost or destroyed. The trucker’s mileage logs, vehicle maintenance records, and other documents that are important to your case are all controlled by the company, so obtaining this information quickly is very important.

Once the documents and other evidence have been gathered, your attorney can fully investigate your claim and present your legal options to move forward with your claim and seek compensation for your injuries and other accident-related expenses.

Seek Legal Help Now For Brake Failure Causing A Truck Accident

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