Five Tips for Hiring a Child Injury Attorney in South Carolina

If your child was hurt because of another person’s mistake or negligence, consider these tips for hiring an injury lawyer in South Carolina. Child injury cases can be complicated - I want to ensure families living in Lexington, Columbia, and across our state make the best choice for their sons and daughters.

1. Find a Lawyer that is Familiar with Accident Cases Involving Children

Child with an injuryLegal cases are rarely as straight-forward as they might seem on the surface. Insurance companies, along with their attorneys, will often twist the facts, dispute the extent of injury, and try to place blame on anyone other than their insured. I have seen a number of unrepresented families driven to their wit's end by insurance adjusters who simply refuse to make a fair settlement offer after a child was injured. 

That’s one of the reasons you should consider speaking with a child injury attorney who has dealt with these matters in the past and knows how to handle challenges as they arise. A well-trained lawyer will know how to protect your child’s interests while also obtaining the evidence necessary to prove your claim. To ensure your injury lawyer has experience with cases like the one you find yourself in, ask about past results

2. Request Recommendations From People You Trust

One of the best tips for hiring a lawyer is to request recommendations from your friends, family members and other legal professionals. It is possible someone you know has used the lawyer in the past or knows someone who has. 

You can also call me for recommendations. I know who handles child injury suits and who simply advertises for them. Even, if you do not want to hire me, I will give you the names of child injury attorneys I trust to properly handle your case.

3. Connect with Past Injury Clients

If the attorney claims to have experience handling accident cases, ask whether one of their past clients would be willing to discuss whether they were satisfied with their representation. You may be able to speak one-on-one with past clients and read testimonials they wrote.

4. Discuss How Involved the Attorney Will Actually Be in the Case

Often overlooked, this is one of the most important tips for a hiring an injury lawyer. How involved will he or she be in the claim? How much time will he or she devote to it?

During your interviews with attorneys, discuss who will handle the medical and insurance paperwork. Find out whether you will be dealing primarily with paralegals. You want to be sure the attorney you choose has the time and motivation necessary to properly pursue the case.

5. Talk About What You Should Expect From the Lawyer and the Case

Speak with potential attorneys about what you can expect when working with them. How often will they provide you with case updates? How long do they take to return phone calls? How long will the case last and what do they estimate your child's compensation to be? 

These tips for hiring an attorney to help with you child's injury case - be it in Lexington or anywhere else in South Carolina - are intended to be a resource in your pursuit of justice. For a free consultation and answers to your questions, call me today at 803-790-2800 or start a chat with us now. 

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