Hi, my name is Kenneth Berger. One of my firm's core values is restoring the good name of lawyers. In my firm, we try to celebrate and support the most charitable and courageous members and organizations in our community, and we try to do that through giving to a variety of causes, not just when it's convenient, but as frequently and as consistently as possible.

Our initiative, Giving Every Tuesday, takes the notion of Giving Tuesday after Thanksgiving and applies it to every single Tuesday throughout the entire year. Thus, every single Tuesday, we try to give to organizations that themselves are dedicated to making our community a better place to live. And the causes, the charities that we support span from road safety to caring for children to legal assistance to any other way really that folks are trying to make South Carolina and our world a better place to live.

We also started a Lawyers Against Distracted Driving Scholarship Fund and that's in place to help students overcome the financial challenges of pursuing higher education, while also highlighting the dangers that distracted driving creates in our community; the hope being, of course, that we can reduce or hopefully one day eliminate distracted driving and the danger it poses altogether. When I say that we believe in reinvesting in the community that we serve, those aren't just words; it's a core value and for us, it's become a way of business and a way of life.

Again, my name is Kenneth Berger. I’m honored to be a member of this community and a part of this state and thank you so much for taking a little bit of time to watch this video and learn a little more about us. Take care.

Kenneth Berger
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