workers comp insurance law in South CarolinaWhen on-the-job injuries happen in South Carolina, employers are required to inform their workers' compensation insurance company. But what happens if your employer refuses to file your claim? Not to worry, you have options. 

3 Steps to Take If Your Employer Won't File Your Workers' Comp Claim

  1. First, I suggest setting up a free consultation with a workers' compensation attorney to learn more about your legal rights in South Carolina.
  2. Second, you may call the South Carolina Workers' Compensation Commission, and inform them of your situation.
  3. Third, you can contact your employer's workers' comp insurer directly. 

If you got hurt at work, South Carolina law entitles you to medical treatment and compensation related to your injury. You should not incur any out-of-pocket expenses, or be given the run-around by your employer. If your boss or supervisor won't file your claim or help you get the medical care you need, help is available. Don't allow anyone add insult to injury - call me today for a free case evaluation at 803-790-2800 or contact us by using the live chat box below. You do not have to go through this alone - we are here to help. 

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